Sunday, January 25, 2009

Getting Back into it

Hey, guys...

One of the 'resolutions' i made for the new year was to blog three times a week. Well, that just did not work out the way I wanted to.

Lets just say the past three weeks have been hellish. I lost my balance and fell at home about three weeks ago. I got this HUGE gash on my head... one of these days I'll be brave enough to post the before picture... seven stitches later.... I had a CT scan done almost right after, to make sure I didn't have a concussion, and was admitted to the hospital right after. I went through batteies of MRI's, and a bunch more other type of tests, all pretty much came out negative.. except for the stuff to be expected from neurofibromatosis. Two days later, I was discharged, still not really knowing what was wrong with me. I left with a script for iron pills and cholesterol meds. (The low iron was to be expected as it was 'that time'... yeah TMI)

A week later, I went to the neurologist for a follow up, he gave me a seemingly devasating diagnosis, but he 'wasn't sure'. More MRI's ordered. I went back to the office and made an appointment with another neurologist (coming up on Tuesday). One of the greatest folks I work with was awesome and advised me to get FLMA paperwork going.. I received it prob in the nick of time. Dr. Neurologist said I couldn't work until i had the second set of MRI's done. My awesome boss managed to get it done three days before i had it scheduled for. except it took FOREVER to finish. The kicker was going back the next day for more. By Friday, I was going stir crazy until Dr. Neuro called to say I could go back to work on Monday... not that I'm 100% or anything, i'm psyched to go back in the AM. I have WAY too much to do in the next three weeks before the cruise. A big thing is that I am working out again. We bought a spinning bike, so i can do that at home.

Dave has been the best. Spending the week with him was great, he really is the best.... reminds me how much i really do love him. Yeah, sappy... but after 20 years of being together its a good thing!

Its been interesting; going to get copies of the last set of MRI's in the morning. Everyone has been giving me their theories on what is wrong with me. NONE of them are the neuro's. Most of them make tons of sense. The neurofibromatosis is a given... but the others are really close to what i have been going through. I have a bunch of calls to make in the morning, along with tons of catching up to do. I really need to get some answers, and soon.

RUnning wise, its gonna be OK. I really miss doing the longer miles, but i'll be fine. the balance stuff gets to me, but its getting a little better everyday.

On the TNT side of things, kick off is THursday. I'm very excited; esp since that i'm going to mentor again... First workout is Saturday.... we'll see how that goes!

More later. I promise. We are working on the real blog being back up soon.