Monday, March 16, 2009

Guess I should update everyone

OK, lots of stuff going on.

I am on FLMA now... balance stuff is really getting to me; but will be OK. Walking a little but can't do too much.

TO catch everyone up.... saw a new neurosurgeon and even he thinks the diagnosis one neuro gave me was crap. BUT I am going to see a bunch of folks at Moffitt Cancer center. Makes me feel so good that folks really care.

More MRI's today and a couple more tomorrow (had a cervical spine x ray, today as well) BUT was able to walk a few miles on the dreadmill this morning, and on the bike this afternoon...

More later, I promise

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CewTwo said...

It is amazing sometimes how you can get used to a Doctor or provider that basically takes your money and does the minimal to satisfy needs!

I am so glad that you've found someone that cares. That IS half the battle!